How Do Friends of the Library Help?

  • Raising money to purchase equipment and materials that aren't within the library's budget
  • Sponsoring informative programs to enlighten and entertain
  • Representing the library in our community and county
  • Volunteering to do special library tasks
  • Acting as hosts for receptions and tours
  • Keeping their representatives informed of the library's needs
  • Providing a valuable pool of talent to assist the library in offering more to the community

What Do Friends of the Library Receive?

  • The satisfaction of participating in the library's continuing growth and improvement
  • Special recognition as an informed, involved patron
  • The opportunity to make an educational and political impact
  • The chance to work for community improvement and to enhance our quality of life
  • A subscription to the Between Friends newsletter

FOBL Board of Directors

  • Staci Strnad, Chair
  • Leanne DeJoia, Vice-Chair/Programming
  • Leora Rundus, Secretary
  • Dawn Surber, Treasurer
  • Vonda Cooper, Membership
  • Sara Van Horn, Volunteer and Calling
  • Karol McChesney, Nominating
  • Beverly Crouse, At Large
  • Katrina Sorell, Library Director & Publicity

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