The Man Who Ate the 747

I read the newest review on the library web site and my first thought was yeah, I read that book too. It caught my eye because it was set in Superior, Nebraska. I thought it was a decent book. Not going to set the world on fire - but a decent story. It was a nice love story, and it did have some honest things to say about how small towns are dying. Especially those in the middle of the country. Bottom line for me, it wasn't going to set any best seller records but it wasn't a waste of
time either.

It also struck me that most of the time we don't think that the place we live is extraordinary, but it is. Every town is different because we as people are all different. Every town has a personality and unique things about it. So often those great square states from out west are just overlooked and yet they are wonderful places to live and raise families. Full of promise and a nice life. It was a welcome change to read a novel with a setting in my home area.

Benita Strnad
McLure Education Library
The University of Alabama Libraries