Coop: A Family, A Farm, and the Pursuit of One Good Egg

This delightful memoir by Michael Perry, author of Population: 485, and Truck: A Love Story, will have you laughing out loud one minute and tearing up the next. Perry tells the story of his move to a rural acreage with his pregnant wife and young daughter, interspersed with anecdotes about his own growing up years on a Wisconsin dairy farm. His parents took in more than 60 foster children over the years, many with special needs, and raised all of them with very little money. Perry compares that to his own family life, including an attempt to build a chicken coop, raise hogs for meat, and homeschool his daughter. Perry really "gets" rural life, and he also has a wonderful way with words.

Writing about learning to drive a tractor, he says, "The equivalency is not absolute, but I'll pretty much guarantee you most farm kids remember their first moment at the wheel of a tractor with the approximate clarity of their first kiss. Me? Lisa Kettering, beneath a white pine in the moonlight on the road to Axehandle Lake, and Jerry Coubal's John Deere B through the gate beside the Norway pine with the pigtail twist."

Read Coop, you'll be glad you did!

~Review by Leah Krotz