Book Relays at the Library

Once again we celebrated National Library Week with the totally popular Book Relays for 5th - 8th grade students from USD 109. The relays are held when the library is closed so that kids can run and cheer and generally cut loose! The students were divided into relay teams and given a list of items to find in the library as quickly as possible. The teams chose their own names. This year's winners were:

5th grade: “Golden Chimps” Carl Brunner, Michael Snively, Asti Long, Nathan Rice; “Book Lookers” Lynnae Benyshek, Karlie Strutt, Gaven Gowing, Noah Springer.

6th grade: “Wendling’s Warriors” Justin Tietjen, Mikel Cottenmeyer, Darci Stanley, Ben Jacques, Grace Rieke; “Cheesy Monkeys” Kendra Scott, C.C. Ball, Trey Kuhlman, Clayton Titkemeier.

7th grade: “Lightning Bolt” Brett Klima, Heyley Bauer, Noah Cardi, Kerry Picha; “Purple Monkeys” Alexis Johnson, Kalli Valek, Derek Vanous, Ashley Daniels; “Cheesy Dragonflies” Tristan Sis, Lane Shoemaker, Tyler Popelka, Natalie Harcourt.

8th grade: “Champions” Waylon Sheetz, Josh Young, Katelyn Crim, Tia Frey; “Mattimeo” Darci Morley, Matthew Rice, Kayla Frybarger, Bryn Hobelmann.