Youth Renewing the Countryside is a great book featuring some outstanding young people, all of whom are making a good living in rural areas. Anyone who is pessimistic about the future of rural America needs to read this! Short chapters focus on a wide variety of ambitious young adults who are creating the lives they dream of, and making a difference in their communities. From niche farming to wind energy to the arts, they are the rural America of the future! This should be read by every student in our schools as they think about their future dreams and goals.

Here's what the reviewer had to say, "It's welcome news that across the nation, a hearty crop is taking root. Smart, young people are returning to the roots of American agriculture, roots steeped in a tradition and culture of diversity, quality, and respect for the earth. Full of brilliant color photographs, Youth Renewing the Countryside shares remarkable stories of young people in each state changing the world through rural renewal."